Thursday, April 7, 2011

Josie is Officially Registered for Kindergarten

This has been an experience. As most of you know Josie is our first child and is of age to be registered for kindergarten. We are completely new to all of this.

Like I've said in my previous blogs, Millbrook has 19 kindergarten teachers, and you can only request teachers during the month of April. Yesterday was the first day of registration and they held it until 6 p.m. Every other day you have to go inbetween 9-1. So Joe took off early to go register her. (We both figured this was best because I probably would have been an emotional wreck.) To make a request you have to list your top 4 choices. If you do not list four teachers, they will not even honor any of your requests. So I asked Sheila, Josie's teacher Ms. Jessie, Ms. Debbie (the woman who keeps Joel, all 5 of her kids have gone to Millbrook) and I myself looked at the list. You can click on each teacher's name and read a bio written by the teacher about themselves. When I was looking at the list I actually found a girl I went to school with, played softball with, and see her parents almost every Wendesday night, so I put her as my first choice because (1) I love her dearly and (2) it would make me feel so much better for Josie to have a teacher that I know. I then picked from the lists that Sheila, Debbie, and Jessie gave me and I came up with my list of four teachers.

Before Joe and I actually decided who would be taking Josie, we had been trying to figure out how one of us was going to have the time to go do it. One day I made a comment to Ms. Debbie and she asked me how would that work, Josie needs to go. I had no clue the kids themselves have to go as well. They have to do a "placement test." Some of you may have already known that, but we didn't. It never even crossed our minds and it is in none of the paperwork they pass out telling you about this procedure.

So Joe took her yesterday afternoon. Joe filled out tons of paperwork while Josie went back with the principal to the placement test. A few people asked me how it went and I really didn't know how to respond. Joe filled out paperwork and Josie met with the principal, but we had no clue how it went with the principal. So this morning when I dropped her off, Ms. Jessie asked me how she did. I said I don't know, Joe wasn't allowed with her. And then she asked if they had told Joe that there was anything we needed to work on with Josie, and I said no. She said then she did super great. I was like, wheew, now I know what to tell people when they ask. Ms. Jessie has been working very hard to prep "her kids" for the placement test, and she said so far all of hers have passed. I think that says a lot about her as a teacher.

Joe said there were tons of parents there without their kids because they didn't know the kids had to be there either. He also said one little boy came out from his placement test and the guy told the mom, he couldn't tell me his name, his age, etc. The mom said he knows all of that and she asked him and the boy started giving her all the right answers. These kids are 5, how in the world do these teachers know when they really don't know the stuff or when they are just too shy to say anything?

Josie was excited because she got her first kindergarten pencil. We won't know until the end of July or first few days of August who her teacher is. Right now she is just super excited about it all.

In other Burdicks news, Jolie has begun teaching Joel. We have had to separate the girls in the van because they fight too much. So now on the row behind the drivers seat is Joel and one of the girl's car seats, and then a car seat on the last row. The girls alternate who gets to sit by Joel. The other night coming home from Caden's ballgame, it was Jolie's turn to sit by Joel, and she was trying to teach him the word Spaghetti-rows. She kept repeating Spa-get-ti-rows. She was so cute we didn't have the heart to correct her. This morning's lesson was body parts. He started chewing on one of her babydolls and she thought that would be a great opportunity to tell him and show him the baby's head, foot, legs, hands, nose, and ears. Ohhh how she loves that little boy. She is going to be a great mommy and maybe teacher one day.

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