Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduations, Puppies, and Swimming, Oh My

We had a pretty quiet week, but our weekend turned out to be much more fun filled than I anticipated.

Monday after school the kids came home and we played outside for a few minutes before heading in to eat dinner:

Wednesday night the girls had Awana. This Wednesday night will be their last night until August. I know they are going to miss it. They love going to church on Wednesday nights.

Friday Josie graduated from K-5 and Jolie was recongnized for moving up from K-3 to K-4. MeMaw, Paw-Paw, Joe, Sheila, and I were there to see the program. The kids sange some cute songs. I know once or twice both Sheila and my eyes were watering.

Almost immediately after the ceremony Joe took the girls to the doctor so that the our pediatrician could check Jolie for another UTI/bladder infection. The past two times she had gone to Pri-Med and before she could be referred to the urologist she wanted to see her. She did not have an infection and wants to see the Pri-Med records before she officially "refers" us, so more waiting. In the meantime, we are trying to make sure Jolie drinks more water than anything else and just trying to stay on her about going potty.

That evening we went to Annaleigh's birthday party at Build-A-Bear. Josie made upsitting puppy dog; Jolie made a wiener dog; and we made a frog for Joel. Josie named her dog...... Josie; Jolie named her dog........ Josie, and Joe and I named Joel's frog Riblet. I have meant to take a picture of the the three of them with their new "pets," but just haven't yet. Jolie got a leash with her dog and she has been walking that dog ever since. She drug it all around the ballfield and actually had people coming up to her asking if they could pet it. Here they are playing games:

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the ballfield to watch Caden's last t-ball game and see him get his trophey. The game lasted nearly 2 hours and was a great game.

After the ballgame we headed home and then walked a block or two to the Elmore Fire Department's Tractor Pull. This is an awesome fundraiser for the fire department and best of all, all the kids activities are free.
Ready to go:

There was a petting zoo with goats, bunnies, snakes, chickens, albino peacock, miniature horse, cow, and a tiny baby pig:

After doing all the kids activities, we got shaved ice and sat down to watch the tractors:

After the tractor show we went home and took naps. That evening we went to MeMaw and Paw-Paws to play and eat dinner. Sunday Joe worked while I took the kids to church. After church we were supposed to go to Chris and Crystals for lunch and afternoon play time. I had brought the kids swimsuits thinking they would just be running through the sprinkler and and hose, boy was I wrong. When we got there Chris was not there. When he did get there, what did he show up with... a pontoon boat. So after Joe got there and ate lunch we loaded up and went to the lake. We had a blast and the lake water was not to cold to swim in. We wore the kids slap out.

I'll end with a cute conversation the girls and I had one day this week
Josie: Mommy, do you have a drivers license?
Jessica: Yes. And in 10 years you can start to learn how to drive. And then when you are 16 you can drive without Mommy and Daddy in the car. And then years later you will get married like Mommy and Daddy and have babies.
Jolie: Noo, I'm just going to take Joel.

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