Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finally an Explanation

Since the night we told the girls that I had a baby in my belly Josie has told us that there is two babies. She has said this several times and it has me a little worried only because when my cousin's ex-wife was pregnant her niece kept telling her there were two babies, and come to find out there were. On our way home from church last night she again told me that there was two babies. I asked her why she kept saying that and her answer "Well a baby for me and a baby for Lollie." AWWWW, and it finally makes since. Today I have my first doctor's appointment and I am a little nervous because I have never gone to my first pregnancy appointment by myself. I have always been scared to get bad news. But if there are twins, which we are praying it is not, they would be able to tell from the bloodwork he takes today or a few other signs.

Last night was our Ash Wednesday service at church. I picked up the girls and we ate before going to church and as we were driving to church I explained to Josie what was going to happen, that Mr. Jonathan would be ashes on our head in the shape of a cross. Her response, "Mommy, we don't put dirt on our heads." The girl is too smart and too funny. My response, well we do this one time of year. He response, "Well that is just crazy." She was so excited as we walked into church and she kept teling me "this is crazy." She did great through the service and Jonathan gave us the option of our crosses being on our forehead or on our hand and Josie opted for her hand. I almost cried as I watched Jonathan "mark" her. This was her first Ash Wednesday service that she could actually somewhat understand what was going on. It was very special for me to experience that with her. When we went to get Lollie from the nursery her reaction was hilarious. She just kept pointing to everyone's foreheads. I'm sure she was wondering what she had missed.

Happy Lent everyone!

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