Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Sweet Girls

So far this week has been a good one. Josie has thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the toys she got at her birthday party, and she is working her way through all the clothes she got as well. Some of our family gave her money and so I bought her a V-smile cyber pocket. It is a hand held video game thing for toddlers. She had gotten a regular $10.00 hand held game and she got all excited thinking it was going to be like Meredith's (Erica's daughter)Nintendo DS. Well a Nintendo DS is a little over $100.00 and that is a bit much to spend on a 4 year old especially something that is bound to get broken or misused. So I was looking at the educational games that V-smile makes and found that they have a new thing called the cyber pocket. It is a little bit bigger than a DS but is basically the same thing for toddlers. I found her a Dora game that teaches letters, numbers,colors, etc. and could not wait to see her face when she saw. She reacted just as I thought. She plays it when she wakes up in the morning, on the way to Ms. Erica's, and when she gets home. The great thing is she is learning. Every time a letter comes on the screen she gets so excited because she knows the letter. What is super cute is that she loves all letters in her name. There was an "I" on there last night and she told me like in my name and I told her that I had one and that Jolie had an "I" as well, but that didn't mean as much to her:) It is so awesome watching her learn more and more and I owe it all to Erica.

Last night was a little warmer so I let the girls jump on the "jumpoline" as Josie calls it before eating. After dinner we played with the playdough that my cousins got her. It was so sweet watching them help each other with their creations. I am still just in shock at how fast our girls are growing up.

Josie has an appointment with her ENT tomorrow to see whether the tubes have fallen out or if they need to be taken out. Hopefully we will get good news and her ear problems will be over. Joe is taking her to her appointment and after her appointment he will drop Josie off with Erica and get Lol to spend a Daddy~Daughter day with her. I'm not sure yet what they are doing, but I know they'll have fun.

As I mentioned before we are making our way through the clothes she got for her birthday and today she wore the jumper that Aunt Tiffany made with the matching hair bow that Aunt Tiffany made. She was so excited to wear it and kept telling me to look at how pretty she was. She could not get out of the truck fast enough this morning to show Ms. Erica how cute she was. I'll let y'all be the judge, but I think they both are pretty darn adorable.


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