Friday, February 19, 2010

Let Me Introduce You to Baby J

I had my first doctors appointment yesterday and everything went really well. My mother-in-law went with me for moral support and we were pretty much in and out of there. He did mention about the RH (it is a blood thing where Joe and my blood do not get along because one of us is positive and one of us is negative. It does not affect me, but my body sees the baby as a foreign invader and tries to attack it. There are shots you take to prevent your body from doing anything to the baby) and that if I had any bleeding I needed to call him. We have dealt with the RH since our first pregnancy and most of the time you have a shot at 28 weeks along and then one after the birth and that is what we did with both Josie and Jolie. However there has been some time inbetween this baby and when Lol was born and so he just told me to call him if I had any bleeding and I would need to get a shot earlier than 28 weeks. Well this morning I had some bleeding and they told me to come in for an ultrasound. Now I will never miss an opportunity to see the baby but I must admit that I was quite scared. The nurse flat out told me that bright red blood was "not normal." Needless to say I cried almost the whole way to the doctors office thinking that I was going to lose the baby. Once again my mother-in-law met me there for moral support. They did an ultrasound and everything looked fine. We got to hear the heartbeat and see the baby. The heartbeat was a good strong heartbeat. The ultrasound tech said that everything looked great to her and that she felt that I had no need to worry. She did say that the baby was measuring six weeks along though instead of seven which is what my cycles say I should be. So she adjusted my due date to October 14. As a precaustion I did do more blood work so that they can check my levels to make sure nothing is going on that she could not see in the ultrasound. She felt that the bleeding was just implantation. I should have the results from my blood work on Monday. So I was very happy to see ONE baby with a strong heartbeat.

So with great pleasure I introduce you to "Baby J."


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