Monday, February 15, 2010

What is better than a family of 4, a family of 5 :)

Well in case you have not heard, we are pregnant again:) Were we shocked, yes; are we excited, of course. This is a beautiful blessing from God and we know that. We trust that He will continue to look after us and provide for us just as he always has. It will take some rearranging of the house, our time, and of course money, but we would not trade it for anything in the world. Josie keeps telling us that there are two babies, a brother and a sister. My goodness, I hope she is wrong. Just one baby, please. I have my first doctors appointment this Thursday. I am only about six and a half weeks along, but I'm already showing a little. I guess when it is your third one your body knows what to do and everything pops out. My estimated due date is October 8th so this one and Jolie will have birthdays close together (hers is September 21st).

In other news, in case you have not heard, it snowed in Alabama. It was goregous. After it had been snowing for a while we bundled up and walked around the nieghborhood and played. The girls had a blast.





Joe & the girls making snowballs

Both Joe and I got the day off since it was snowing and we had a wonderful day playing with the girls. That night we took them to Other Mama's to spend the night. Saturday I had my eyes checked and yes I'm more blind than I was two years ago, but the doctor was awesome. The last time I had my eyes checked Lol had just been born and I was nursing and that doctor said he could not dilate my eyes, so as soon as I went into the room for my exam I told him I was pregnant. He then told me he would not dilate my eyes and asked how old I was. I told him 27 and he said so I assume this is your first. Joe and I just looked at each other and I said, no this will be our third. After my exam Joe and I went and visited my dad and grandma and then had an awesome lunch at the Olive Garden. Then we went home to watch some movies. We picked up the girls later that night. Sunday morning we went to Quint & Sheila's church to see Ansleigh dedicated. I get tingles just thinking about it. I truly and firmly believe in the saying it takes a village to raise a child and being a part of that even if she is my niece means so much to me. We left right after that part of the service and made it to our church in time for our service. Joe had a session meeting so I took the girls home for naps. It was an awesome weekend and it was so nice to be reminded of the amazing blessings that God has given me in Joe, Josie, Jolie, and all of our family and friends.

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Amanda Mathis said...

Well, CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!! I can't wait to read more about your new little blessing. I always love reading your blog! Keep us posted.

Congrats again,
Amanda Bone Mathis