Monday, June 21, 2010

Eat the Princesses

Last week was Family Vacation Bible School. For as long as I have attended First Presbyterian Church of Wetumpka we have done VBS at night so that way adults can attend as well, which I think is awesome. Our theme was "Backstage with the Bible" or a concert type theme. Mary Kelley and I spent all day Sunday June 13th decorating and getting all the last minute details ready for the week. We had a red carpet, we had disco balls, we had microphones, and of course we had lots of crafts. We had an amazing band that played for us each night and I honestly think the kids favorite part was dancing and singing. It was a great week and I think and hope everyone had a great time. Joe was awesome and stuck to his promise to get off early every day so that he could pick up the girls so I could go straight there to get things ready before each night. A lot of work goes into pulling VBS off, so I will probably be in rest mode for the next week recouping.

Friday afternoon Grammy and Emmie got in and spent a couple of hours with the girls before VBS. After everything was done I stayed to clean up the church and get everything back in order for Sunday. When I got home, I got the kids alseep and then Joe headed to Chris' house. They were going night fishing on Chris' boat. Well I woke up at 2:00 something from some nightmares and texted Joe asking him when he was coming home that I really wanted him to come home. Well he got home around 6:00 a.m. The motor on the boat went out and they had to use the trolling motor all the way back to shore. I'm sure that is one fishing trip neither one of them will forget.

Saturday morning we got up and went and walked around Bass Pro Shops (a favorite past time of the girls) and then we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up crafts for me to do with my Sunday School class the next morning. We bought little foam hands and magnet strips so the kids could make "High Fives for My Daddy" magnets. As we were leaving Hobby Lobby the bottom fell out of the sky and it took us forever to get home because of the rain. I think we had to drive 30 miles an hour the whole way home. We attempted naps, but it just was not happening. Josie was too excited because we had to leave a little after 5:00 p.m. to "eat the princesses." Let me explain. There is a mexican restaurant Jalapenos in Montgomery that has where you can eat with different characters on certain nights. Well Saturday night was princess night. For some reason, and I'm not sure how in the world she was getting this confused, Josie thought we were eating the princesses instead of eating with them. Nonetheless, she was super excited. Before it was time to eat, we had to decide what princesses wear to eat with other princesses. All of their costumes were either winter costumes and they would have too hot, or have tears in them were they play dress up so much so we opted for leotards, tutus, and princess shoes. It took us like 20 minutes to find two pair of matching princess shoes (dress up high heels that have a picture button of a princess on them.) So once our princesses were dressed Grammy, Emmie, Other Mama, Daddy, Princess Josie, Princess Lollie, and I loaded into the van and headed to Jalapanos to eat with the princesses. Aunt Tiffany, Uncle Ben, and their boys met us there. When we got there we were first greeted by a balloon princess (I'll warn you, it was really dark in there and so I had to adjust the pictures some and so they are not of the best quality):

(This takes a lot of talent to make a princess completely out of balloons.)

There were lots of other little princesses waiting to meet the princess so we got our table and waited paitenly. The first princess they saw was Tiana from the Princess and the Frog:

The second princess we saw was Ariel from the Little Mermaid:

The third princess we saw was Snow White:

The fourth princess we saw was Jasmine from Aladin:

And last, but not least Cinderella:

Josie was a little upset that Sleeping Booty could not be there. Their favorite, and I'm not sure why, was Cinderella. They got autographs from Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel. At one point the princesses sang for us. The girls just ate it all up and it was really neat watching them getting so excited. At some point after the princesses had sang for us, I took Lol to the bathroom and I had to take everything off of her to change her pull-up. Once I got her completely dressed, I said Okay, you are a princess again. She looked at me and said yep, and I sing. I said oh, what are you going to sing, and she said "Happy Birthday." (The princesses had been singing happy birthday to a lot of people that night in the restaurant.)

After dinner we headed home for bed. Sunday morning the girls got up and gave Joe the Father's Day presents that they had made with Ms. Erica during the week, and then we got ready for Sunday School. We came home after Sunday School so that we could spend as much time with Grammy and Emmie as possible. After lunch we did some father's day crafts and then laid down for naps. That night we had an awesome birthday (for Grammy)/Father's day meal. It was a good weekend.

My mom left this morning on their way to PA. Please pray for their safe travels. Now that VBS is over we can work on Joel's room and doing our small group meeting for Joe. We still have not heard anything from Prattville. Hopefully soon we will hear something one way or the other.

I am 23 weeks and will be 24 weeks this Thursday. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Joel is getting to be very active. It is so hard to believe that it will not be that much longer until we meet him. My cousin Robert and his wife go in tomorrow to have a C-section. Please pray that everything goes well for baby girl Harris and Bethany.

On a completely different note, Josie has been saying so many funny things here lately and I'm trying to remember them all. She did learn something at VBS this week. One night she was supposed to be laying down to go to sleep and Lol told on her that she had something in her bed, but Josie kept yelling that she did not have anything. So I walked back there and as I walked into the room she threw the toys down. So I got her up and put her in time out. As she was sitting there I told her that lying is wrong and that God does not like it when we lie. And she looked at me, and said, but he still loves me. And I said yes he does, and I still do, but it is still wrong.

Another night we had sandwhiches from Chappy's for dinner at the church. I asked her what kind she wanted and she told me ham. Well when I picked up the sandwhiches I realized how big they were and I told her that she would have to eat a PB&J because the others were too big. So I fixed their plates, Joe's plate, and then I fixed mine. I sat down to eat and she looked at my sandwhich and said you were right Mommy, that is too big, but you have a big mouth so you can eat it. :)

I'm sure I'll remember the rest after I've posted this blog.

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