Monday, January 18, 2010

Low Key Weekend

We actually had somewhat of a low key weekend and it was super nice. Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and birthday cake for Joe. We had a great time, but it is sad when a few friends and theirs kids come over for a few hours and you are completely worn out. The girls and I slept in unti 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning and we were nice and let Joe sleep in another hour. We piddled around and then went to Bass Pro Shops and had lunch. We came home and took naps and then played around the house the rest of the afternoon. Sunday morning we went to church and then Other Mama took us out to lunch to Jim N Nicks for Joe's birthday. The food was really good, better than the last time we went. After that we went back home for naps and didn't get up until a little before 6:00 p.m. We had to go back to town to get supplies for Erica for the week and a few other errands. Needless to say it was late before we all went to bed last night.

We have officially started the potty training process with Jolie. I'm praying it will not take as long as it did with Josie. Plans are also being made for Josie's birthday party. We really go all out for them one time a year and that is their birthday. Yes they get presents at Christmas and Easter but the whole time we are stresing to them that those days are not about them, but about God/Jesus. So it is so much fun to let them have their day. Josie's birthday them is Dora's Winter Wonderland. We are going to transform the Fellowship Hall of our church to awesome winter wonderland for the kids. I can't wait. There will be tons of snow and fun to be had. And the best part is since we are doing it at the church we have invited all of our family and Josie's friends instead of just immediate family. It is so hard to believe that our little girl is going to be 4. Time is flying by and we are just trying to enjoy and treasure every second.

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