Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ash Wednesday and Prayers

Last night we had our Ash Wednesday service at church. It was a good service and the girls were excited about getting their crosses. Jolie was upset though that Joel didn't get one. It is our tradition to eat Mexcian with good friends after this service. They couldn't make it, so we went without them. Here we are sporting our crosses. (The girls' crosses are either gone or rubbed into their forehead where they kept touching them):

On another note, my cousin Amy had her baby via c-section this morning. At the moment, he is in the NICU. His name is Nathaniel. Please pray for both of them.

I'll end with two more pictures. This is Joel at his first "Men's Breakfast" at church. Our good friend Tim is holding him:

Here is Joe and the girls during early morning singing at church:


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