Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yeah Caden!!!

We have made it another week with no major sicknesses. All three children are having allergy problems, but I can handle that :)

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Friday night we went to Bass Pro Shops. It is so cute because the girls get excited as we get close to it. They know it from the interstate, and as we approach it, they love the winding road.

This was Joe's weekend to work so the kids and I got up early Saturday morning to watch Caden play his first t-ball game of the season. It was a practice game but he and his team did great. We were so proud of him and the girls did really well sitting there watching him play.

Joel and Ansleigh "watching" him play:

That afternoon we hung out at the house while some pretty nasty storms passed through. That evening we went to MeMaw and Paw-Paw's house to celebrate MeMaw's birthday.

Sunday morning the kids and I went to church and after church we ran home to get Joe (he had just gotten home from work), and then went to Chris & Crystals to spend the day.

All in all it was a good weekend.

Yesterday was a particularly good day for Josie. It was her teacher's birthday and it was Brush Buddies. She got to eat cupcakes at school and painted a hippo. It is so cute because everytime she talks about painting a hippo she starts to sing the hippo Christmas song. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll post it another time. However, yesterday was not a good day for Jolie. Obviously she was so disobedient that her teacher threatened to call Joe to the school. She has been giving us problems at home as well. Please pray for us as we get through the "3"s, but also please pray that Joe finds a job closer to home. I know that that is part of the problem. He isn't around that much and as summer gets here he will be around even less. It is hard for me to give all three children the individual attention they need and so we are all stressed and need him to be home more. Josie has started saying "our family needs to be together." I have no clue what where she has heard that from and I try to explain to her that Daddy has no control over his work schedule, but it is hard for a 5 year old to understand why Daddy isn't home when Mommy is. So please just pray for us and if anyone hears of a job that you think Joe could do, please let me know.

Another big accomplishment for Josie is that she can now spell "apple." She came home from school one day and said Mom do you know how to spell apple,and she spelled it out for me. Sunday I told her since you can spell it out loud, I want you to write it, and she did. Now she writes it all the time. It won't be long until our baby girl is reading. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Joel is growing so fast. His bottom teeth are just about all the way in. I need to take a picture of them as well. He says "Mama" all the time, but of course he doesn't associate it with me. He is starting to get adjusted to a sippy cup and eats jar food three times a day. He can scoot with his head, so I'm sure within the next month or so he will be crawling. His hand-eye coordination is really good and he loves pulling the girls' hair. He loves his sisters and his face just lights up as he watches them or when the interact with him. He is still a happy baby with the cutest little dimple and smile.

I'll end with some pictures:

Josie wanted me to take this one of her and Joel this morning:

As did Jolie:

This one is from last week. Joe put Joel in bed with me when he left for work and then Lol came and got in the bed with me when she heard Joe leave and they are snuggled together asleep. So sweet:


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