Wednesday, March 9, 2011


For the moment everyone in our house is well. PRAISE THE LORD. Joel had another follow-up appointment yesterday. MeMaw was kind enough to take him again. The doctor said everything looked good. We have to continue with some breathing treatments, but only a couple more days. Our boy had gained another pound in a week. As of yesterday he was 19 pounds 4 ounces. Both teeth have broken through and I just can't wait to see those little pearly whites.

Friday night the girls spent the night with MeMaw and Paw-Paw. Joe and I enjoyed a quiet Mexican dinner and rented a movie to watch at home. Joe was up bright and early the next morning for work and I slept in until it was time to get the girls. That was so nice after going about a month and a half without eight hours of consecutive sleep. That evening Other Mama and Pap-Paw came over for dinner. Sunday we had church. Josie "did the plates" again. She gets better and better at it each Sunday. So all in all it was a quiet weekend.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and we had pancake supper at church. That morning I was telling Josie that we had the pancake supper for Fat Tuesday and of course her question to me was, what is Fat Tuesday. So I explained to her Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and Lent and what Jesus did. I then told her it was our tradition to give up something for forty days and started listing off things people give up. Without me asking her, she said she was going to give up Yohoos/Chocolate milk. This is a big thing because the girls know they only get Yohoos in their lunch boxes for school. For those of you who have not bought Yohoos in a while, they are expensive, so we always have capri suns/Kool Aid Jammers that they can grab out of the fridge at any time, but they know the Yohoos are only for school and special occasions. So for her this is a big thing. I told her since she was doing that I would give up my cokes and she said and Daddy can give up his sweet tea. I told him we had to check with him first so we called him and he said yes. Joe and I already discussed something else we were giving up so we are giving up our favorite drinks also. I was very impressed with Josie that she grasped the concept and was so willing to participate.

Tonight we have our Ash Wednesday service. I have been telling the girls about the service and how the palm branches that they brought in last year for Palm Sunday were burned and were used to make the ashes that Mr. Jonathan will put on our foreheads. Josie is really doing well with all of this and is excited about tonight.

Sometimes I think I enjoy Lent more than Christmas time. We have so many special services that really make you stop and think about God and what all he has done for us. The faster my children grow the more I am trying to remind myself to stop and enjoy the moments. Enjoy the hugs, enjoy it when they climb in my lap, enjoy the smiles and laughter, and trying to even learn to tolerate the messes. As the song says, I have a crazy beautiful life. God loved me so much that he sent his son to die for me. He gave me free will so that I could choose him. He gave me a wonderful husband that I love so very much. Even more so he gave him to me early in my life and I am so thankful for that. He has blessed us with three beautiful children that make my heart swell with pride, joy, and love. He has blessed us with jobs, a home, and a loving, supportive, always there for you family and church family. We don't deserve any of this, and yet God graciously bestows all of this on us. Someone put as their facebook status the other day, what if God only gave you what you thanked him for each day. That really hit me. So much of our lives we take for granted. Remember to thank God for your blessings. Remember the love he has for you.

Friday night we have Jesse's birthday party and this weekend will be the first weekend in over a month and a half where we will get to spend the whole weekend together as a family. I am so excited. Everyday life can drag you down sometimes, so it is always important to have fun together as a family.

I'll end with some pictures. Some of these Ms. Debbie (the woman who keeps Joel) took. I love this first one. Monday I kept looking at it all day and it would just brighten my day. The other two were taken at MeMaw and Paw-Paws Saturday.


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