Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Special Thanks to Our Family

Everytime I started to type the first sentence to this, it started out negative, about what a "rough winter this has been" or "someone in our house is sick again," but I kept erasing it because I do not want to start this off negatively. However, I must start on a down note since Joel is once again sick. For about a week he was throwing up twice a day (I'm not talking about spit up, I'm talking about everything he just ate,)he was coughing, and just looked miserable. Joe took off work Thursday to take him to the doctor. The doctor said Joel had an ear infection and was almost to the point of pneumonia. I had no clue he was that sick and felt like a horrible mother for not getting him to the doctor sooner. The doctor put us on strict orders to keep him home and to give him breathing treatments every four hours. He was prescribed four medicines: 2 for the nebulizer, a strong antiobotic, and a steriod). We were told to bring him back today. Joe's boss was kind enough to give him Friday off as well without Joe even having to ask. We had already made lots of plans for the weekend so we just had to alter them a bit. Friday Caden was supposed to spend the night and Ansleigh the evening. We still had them over since Joel was not contagious. One of us constantly attended to Joel while the other attended to the other kids. I had bought stuff to make homemade pizzas, so Caden, Josie, and Jolie all got to make their own pizza. I think they ate as much of the toppings while they made them as they put on their pizzas :) They then played while the pizzas cooked. I then fed Ansleigh and gave her bath. By that time their pizzas were done so they ate their pizzas and watched a movie while I got Ansleigh to sleep. After I got them all bathed Joe set up the tent in the living room. They played for a little while and then settled down and feel asleep. Well Josie and Caden did. I guess Jolie decided her bed would be more comfortable. Saturday we were supposed to go to Florida to see Rebecca and Angie and so I told Joe to take the girls that I would stay home with Joel. All the kids were up by 6:00 a.m. so I got up and got them fed and dressed and sent them out the door to pick up Joe's parents and head to Florida. The girls had a blast. They fished, played, ate, Josie got her nails painted and made a bracelet with Angie's mom, they all had a great time. It was around 7 or 8 when they got home Saturday night.

Sunday I again told Joe I would stay home since he had commitments at church. So he and the girls got up and left for church. After church the girls went home with Other Mama while Joe went to his meeting and helped my dad. Again they had a blast playing outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Joe told me that Josie had again helped with the offering, but I asked her to see what her response would be. She calls it "doing the plates." So I asked her if she had done the plates that morning. She said yes, and then Lollie said, "And I did the forks." It was hiliarious. Jolie is not in church during the part of the service when offering is taken up, so she has no clue what we are talking about, but she was so cute putting her two cents in. Joe was kind enough to watch all three children so I could take a much needed shower and then the girls and I jumped on the trampoline. The girls loved it. Last year I couldn't jump since I was pregnant and so they were excited to have me in there with them. They just laughed and smiled as they ran around and jumped. Sometimes I really wish we could take pictures with our minds so everyone else could see what we see. The joy and happiness on their faces while we played was priceless.

Monday Joel went back to Ms. Debbies and did great. I took the nebulizer and Ms. Debbie gave him a treatment. Mrs. Emily took off work today to take Joel to his follow-up appointment. The doctor was very impressed with how improved he was. He said we were doing something right. He changed the frequency of the treatments and made another appointment for next week. His ear infection is still there but almost gone. The amazing part is that sweet little boy weighs 18.4 pounds at 5 months old. That puts him 10-15 pounds away from both his sisters (ages 3 and 5). You can definitely tell he feels better. He is back to his normal smiling self.

Joel also mastered turning over this weekend. He had been getting close for a week or so now, but Saturday he mastered it. Now when you put him on his back he has rolled over within a few minutes. He also has two teeth (bottom middle) that are starting to break through. I can't believe how fast it is happening. I mean I should know, this is my 3rd time around, but I think it gets faster with each one. Pretty soon he will be crawling, then walking and talking and turning one. Right now he still remains my sweet sweet little boy. He still loves to snuggle and rock.

Shifting gears, I want to thank our family so much for being there for us. I think someone has been sick in our house every week since the beginning of January, and we just would not have been able to get through it without family: Keeping the kids, getting them and me to doctors appointments, etc. We are so blessed to have so many people that care about us and are active in our lives. It warms my heart to know how close my children will be to their family. I really do not know how people go through live without close family and friends. We always have people we can depend on and that makes us some of the richest people I know.


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