Monday, March 14, 2011

Spoke to Soon

Well I spoke too soon. The stomach bug hit our house and hit it hard. All five of us had it to some degree at the same time. Joel threw up Thursday night and we just thought he had ate too much, then Joe had the brunt of it Friday. I was nice and let him sleep and kept the kids away until almost 9:00 p.m. Friday night. After I picked them up from school the girls got hair cuts, we went to Target to pick up a few things, picked up some dinner, and then we got some movies. Since last week was Dr. Seuss week, I rented a Cat in the Hat cartoon for them. On the way home I told the girls that Daddy was sick and that we had to be very quiet and we could not go into his room. Josie then said, "Well Mommy we need to pray for him if he is sick." Aww, that little girls knows how to pull at your heart strings. So we got home and got into our pjs, got our pillows and blankets and watched Cat in the Hat cartoons until all three fell asleep. The next morning it hit us girls. I had often wondered why we all got sick at different times, God reminded me this weekend. If we are all sick at the same time, there is no one to take care of everyone else. Our house was pitiful looking Saturday. We made it through Saturday and lounged around on Sunday. Not exactly the family weekend I had had in mind. Finally feeling a tiny bit better Sunday evening, we decided to go outside for a little sunshine. The girls rode their bikes and Joel rode in the car. Pap-Paw got Josie this car for her first birthday and that car has been the best thing. It has lasted through all three kids and they have all loved it. Jolie even still loves it. She was a little conflicted with Joel riding in it yesterday, whether to be jealous or not, but she was ok with pushing him.

When Josie first started school at MCDP there was a group called "Brush Buddies" that came to the school and helped the kids with an art project once or twice a month. They took a break during the holidays, and just started back up. Here is her project from this past week:

Well hopefully this week will go better with no illnesses and we will actually get to spend a real family weekend together.

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