Thursday, March 12, 2009


Change. Some fear, some embrace, and sometimes life requires it. Change is a touchy subject with most people b/c most people have a strong reaction to it. Those of us who fear it do not understand those who embrace it. Those of us who embrace it do not understand those who fear it. And yet, we always make it through. I guess we ourselves determine whether we make that road harder on ourselves by fearing it or embracing it. Changes can be small, medium, large, or supersized. Change surrounds us. The day changes from morning to night, the weather changes from snow one weekend to shorts and flip-flops the next, seasons change, the econonmy changes, and we change. We change because of changes in our life. We learn a life lesson from that change, or we change our attitude from another change. I thank God for the changes in my life. Thank you God that Joe went from being my boyfriend to my husband. I thank God that my children and nieces and nephews went from being a dream to becoming a reality. I thank God that Sheila went from being a friend to becoming my sister-in-law. I thank God that me being in the legal field went from wishful thinking to day to day life. I thank God that we moved from our trailer to our house (even if it is smaller). I thank God that Joe went from Prattville to Greenville (even though I hate it), because we can better provide for our family. I thank God that I changed my mind about being invovled in the women's group at church. I thank God that I have changed my attitude about allowing family and friends to help us. I thank God that my family has expanded to add another sister-in-law and new niece or nephew, along with some great foster nephews. I thank God that I have the privilege of watching my girls grow and change every day right before my very eyes. Granted there are some changes I'm still adjusting to or just flat out don't like. But one day I will come to terms with them. I won't list them out and embarrass myself. Well change is in the air my friends. And what does it hold for you today? I know what it holds for me, paint. Yes, I said paint. I just wrote a whole blog about change to tell you that I feel it is time to paint my kitchen and the kitchen cabinents. I'm embracing this change, yet fearing the decision of having to pick the color.


The Anderson Family said...

Oh Jess, I hate to paint but maybe one day that will change too. My mom painted my kitchen 3 times about 3 weeks ago because I kept changing my mind about the color. :-)

Sheila said...

Well, when you decide on everything, let me know and I'll be there to help!! Love you!