Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreams, Sleep & Paint

Well he's back. I had another dream about him last night. It has almost been 3 weeks since my last one. To make matters worse at some point during the dream, I thought to myself I wrote you out of my head, why am I dreaming about you again. Of course, he didn't answer. It was an innocent dream that he just happened to be in. Maybe this is a weining process. Maybe the stretch between this dream and the next will be even longer and so on and so on until he is officially out. Who knows.

My other frustrations include this weekend. I had a great weekend planned for us so that we could spend some good quality family time together. Josie has been asking to ride the trolley in down town Montgomery so we were going to ride the trolley and go to the zoo. But there is a 90% chance of rain tomorrow. That ruins every plan I had. Joe wants to go to Bass Pro Shop so we may end up doing that and whatever else I can think of. At least rain or shine we will be able to go to Elias' birthday party at Pump-It-Up on Sunday. I know the girls will have a blast and come home exhausted. Oh, I so look forward to it. We are still having major major problems getting Josie to bed at night. Sometimes it is 9:30 before she finally gives in. I guess I shouldn't have bragged so much when she was infant sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old. Or when she six months old taking a nap when we got home from work/daycare, getting up eating, bathing, and going right back to bed. She did so well. Not sure what we've done to screw her up, but this nighttime terror has been going on for over a year and a half now. I dread nights b/c I know what it holds for us.

Good news, I did get most of the kitchen painted last night. I primed the walls and put on one coat of the paint. I still have to do the edges both priming and painting. And then do a quick second coat and that part should be finished. Next will be painting the cabinents. Not sure about the color were doing on the walls. Joe keeps saying it will grow on us. I hope so. I hate that my first reaction wasn't "Oh, I love it. Good job Jess." I hate picking out paint color. I'm horrible at it. I'm sure part of my problem is that it is not finished. You still see paneling and primer from where the edges aren't done. Hopefully, that will help me. Again, who knows.

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