Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Money & Speeding Tickets

Money: We need it to buy the things we need to survive like food in our bellies, roof over our heads, clothes and shoes, etc. Money: We are asked to tithe in the spirit to which God graciously gives to us. Money: We need it to buy the things we want even if we don't need them. Money: Is accused of being the root of all evil in the Bible. Money: It causes divorces and many fights between married people and families. Money. That is something we just do not have enough of in our family. Anytime we have a little extra something happens and poof the extra is gone. Then there are those times where there is no extra and you have to some how come up with the extra to pay for whatever happened. We had a certain amount of money set aside for our vacation in June. I did not put it in our bank account because I knew that if it was there, the money would get spent. Well Joe called me this morning to tell me he had gotten a speeding ticket. My first response was disbelief b/c the man drives llike a grandpa. I apologize to any good "grandpa" drivers out there. He was once again running late for work. He was passing someone and the police officer pulled him over for going 70 in a 55 on Coosada Parkway. I asked Joe how he proposed that we pay for the ticket. He said he was going to borrow the money. I had completely forgotten about our vacation money. I called him back and said not to borrow it, that we would borrow from ourselves and use our vacation money. I would rather pay ourselves back than someone else. I am very proud of myself though b/c I'm not mad. I'm not mad at him and I'm not mad about the situation. I usually go a lot faster than what I should and I'm just amazed that it was him that was caught and not me. However, I do want Joe to learn something from this: Start getting up on time and you don't have to rush to work. He refuses to get out of bed on time and almost every day he is late. His bosses have just always come to except and accept this from him. I guess it is a good thing he is such a good worker once he gets there and that is usually willing to stay late. So hopefully now we will be able to pay ourselves back so that we can have a nice family vacation.


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